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Sadly the car that brought you through heat and rain, happy times and sad, down the street and cross the state, has finally driven its’ last miles.  It was able to bring you home but now can not even make it to the mechanics, or to a dealership to trade in.  What to do with your car that brought you home so many times? Can the car receive a second life?

Recyle Your Car

Recyle Your Car

Automobiles that owners think are beyond repair still have a purpose in life. Many times the cost of repair outweighs the value of the car, so the car sits to waiting for a miracle. Many owners wait hoping to find someone who can work on the car at cheaper cost. Maybe they hope to fix it themselves.  As time goes by, sitting cars can develop more problems. License tags may expire. The battery may drain, the gas lines and carburetors may clog,  and as mother nature’s sun and rain beat down upon the car’s roof, nature of another sort may soon take up residence. Rats, mice, and bugs work their way into the car’s engine and interior. It soon turns into a neighborhood eyesore. Even at this point, the car can still be sold.

Cars that sit too long in one’s driveway can also pose a threat to the neighborhood and environment.  Beside being the place for pests to congregate, children have been known to play in and around old vehicles with the potential for accidents to happen. People are not aware the widespread environmental impact old, and aging cars left on one’s property can have. Rust, worn tires, and leaks are just a few things that can affect the ground around the car.

What should you do with a non-working car? Who would want a car in such bad condition?  Automobile yards purchase working and non-working cars, trucks, RV’s and even boats, motorcycles and trailers.

Once in the yard, they are assessed and either brought back to life or to be dismantled and recycled.

Recycling benefits all. Ground contamination is eliminated on the property. Neighborhood eyesores are gone. Owners receive cash for the car. Automobile yards take care of handling the end of the life of a car completing the cycle