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Cars can be one of the biggest investments for people.  In a city where the majority of people rely on their car for work and pleasure, keeping a car in top running shape is imperative. At some point there will come a time when problems arise that force an owner to pay for their vehicle to get fixed. At what point the owner must decide to keep repairing the  broken parts or to sell and junk their car?

Some people may feel an attachment to their car and would do “whatever it takes” to getting it back running. Perhaps the have fond memories of meeting their first love in it, or the car was bought with earnings from their first job.  Maybe the car belonged to someone they loved and to give up the vehicle would mean to let go of that someone.  There are even a few situations where people think that that their vehicle is special and unique or “one of a kind”.  What they fail to see is that in reality, the majority of times, there were hundreds of thousands of those particular cars made that year. Many times owners do not realize how much their car is worth and think that it is worth much more than the cost of a repair. The majority of cars do devalue as time goes on and people are surprised that what was once their new expensive car, is now worth pennies on the dollar.  Whatever the case may be, for most cars, the general rule of thumb is when  the car cost more to fix than what the car is worth then it’s the right time to junk the car.

Junk Your Car to Horns Auto of El Cajon

Some owners may want to sell their car instead of junk it. There may be a few occasions where selling the car to a mechanic would be financially beneficial. Mechanics can many times used reclaimed parts and work on the vehicle at their leisure then sell it for a small profit when it is back running. It is best to consult a mechanic in these situations. When the car is worth more to junk than it is to keep, due to damages to body and engine that are beyond the cost of saving the vehicle, it makes financial sense to send it to the junk or salvage yard.    

There is no magic formula to determine what the price point would be to either sell or junk your car. Even if your car has the perfect body and interior with no cosmetic issues, but the engine is so badly damaged, junking it still makes sense. It would not go to complete waste.  Someone could eventually use that perfect body and interior at a salvage yard. To dismantle the vehicle yourself and sell the parts individually takes time, space, and there may be title, registration, and license plate requirements while you do this. The easiest answer to to have your car sent to a junk or salvage yard.

Many people are unaware that you can get money for junking your car. Junk yards are experts in stripping the vehicle down and selling piece by piece the useable parts over time. The body is used for scrap metal. It all becomes part of the cycle of life for a car.