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Do you have one or more junk cars sitting around the yard? Not only can you get cash for junk cars in San Diego, but it is a quick, easy, and painless process.

Whether your junk vehicle is parked in your yard, at a towing company, or anywhere else, there is no reason to let your junk car sit there rusting and taking up valuable space. Now, you can say goodbye to the burden of a junk vehicle and pick up some cash at the same time.

How Does Cash for Junk Cars in San Diego Work?
If you are interested in selling your junk car for cash, call us at (phone number). We can give you a FREE fair quote and make arrangements for a tow driver to pick up your vehicle as early as today. The driver will haul that unsightly mess a way, leaving you with cash in hand. It really is that easy! You don’t have to worry about cleaning it out or even getting the vehicle to our office; we will take care of everything.

We do not require current registration or a smog certificate. You don’t even need a California title! You may choose to come into our office, but our associates are also available to come to your home or office to complete the transaction. We will give you cash up front and arrange for pickup, which is free of charge.
What Qualifies as a Junk Car?
Junk cars are vehicles of all sizes, types, and styles. In some cases, the vehicle may still run to some extent, but in other cases, it may not have run for years, even decades. The vehicle may have been damaged, wrecked, totaled, have significant mechanical issues, or simply be too old to justify paying for the constant repairs it requires to keep it running. The junk vehicle may have rolled off the assembly line years before you were born or be a newer model that has been totaled in an accident. Of course, we purchase both foreign or domestic models.

Cash For Junk Cars

We are able to accept almost any junk car, even if it has significant problems or damage. On some occasions, we are unable to purchase a car, but this is very rare.

What Should You Do?
Call us at (phone number) or email us at (email address). We pride ourselves on responding to all inquiries promptly and have friendly associates available to assist you 7 days a week. We will give you a free, fast appraisal. If you accept, there is a good chance we can go ahead and complete the entire transaction on the same day.

What Are You Waiting For?
This morning you were the not so proud owner of a junk car. Tomorrow, you can be completely free of it and have some extra money in your pocket. It has never been easier to get rid of a junk car for cash in San Diego. There is really only one question left to ask yourself. Should I call the office or send a quick email?