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Get Cash For Clunkers in San Diego…

If you’re car is a clunker, you probably know it better than anyone else. Clunkers have a way of giving out just when you need them the most, whether you are in the middle of a traffic jam on the expressway or on a lonely street in the middle of the night. You may have had your clunker car sitting on your property for years, and thought you could never find a way to get rid of it.
If you have a clunker, Cash for Clunkers in San Diego can help. It’s one of the easiest, most efficient ways to sell your clunker so that you can buy a better car in place of your beater car.

Don’t Drive Around In An Unsafe Car

Clunker cars aren’t only ugly and unreliable, they are unsafe. Car parts and even engines wear down after awhile. The older your car becomes, the more money you will have to pay in repairs. It’s time to stop the cycle. Don’t drive your family around in an unsafe car.

No Advertising, No Bother, No Worry

You don’t have to place a want ad. Who would want your clunker, anyway?
You don’t have to spend time talking to strangers, trying to convince them to buy your car.
You don’t have to endure the ever-increasing bills you have to pay at the mechanic, or their free advice that you really need to get rid of your car.

Cash for Clunkers San Diego Makes It Easy

One call from you gets the process started. You can drop off your clunker, or we will pick it up from your residence free of charge. All we need from you is the title and keys. Out-of-state titles are no problem, either. We handle all of the paperwork and smog certification required.
Sell your car in any condition – damaged, wrecked, or impounded. We can take your vehicle off your hands and give you a flat fee in a couple of hours with no stress.

What Could You Do With The Cash?

Pay a bill, or use the extra cash toward a newer used car. How you use the cash is up to you. There’s never any obligation to buy anything from us.

We Recycle Used Cars

Recycling is important in San Diego. You can be assured that if your junk car is too damaged to be used for parts, it will be responsibly recycled in accordance with the laws of California.
Cash for Clunkers San Diego makes it possible for you to sell your clunker car and have it removed from your property quickly, with absolutely no stress and no headache. It’s the easiest way by far to get rid of a damaged car. Call us today, or fill in our easy online application.

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