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Sell your car one of the top Cash For Cars San Diego companies. We buy all over San Diego County, we come to you.

Do You Need to raise some quick cash to pay some bills?

We buy all years, makes and models of cars. Horns Auto buys all cars, trucks,vans, motorcycles,RV’s and boats. If it made of Metal there is a good chance we will make you an offer to purchase it!If your cars are not running or completely broken, no problem we purchase vehicles in any conditions running or not.

We buy cars,trucks,vans and RV in San Diego with:

Cash For Cars San Diego

Cash For Cars San Diego

There are a myriad of reasons why you would want to or have to sell your old car, truck, boat, or other automobile. From getting ready to buy a new car, to make some money for bills or debts, or simply because you do not use the car or no longer need it.

Whatever your reason, you can get cash for cars easy and hassle-free at Horn’s Auto in San Diego. With our fair prices for your junked or used car, you can finally get those bills paid, pay for an upgraded ride, or spend the extra money on something special.Located just east of downtown San Diego, we serve the entire County and in a convenient locations. Horn’s Auto is the best car recycling business in San Diego with highly satisfied customers.Buying from customers all over San Diego County, we make the car-selling process easy and stress free for you. You don’t even have to worry about your car being clean, in working condition, or if it is in need of maintenance or repair: our business is buying both used and junked cars and giving you cash.

If you can’t come to us, don’t worry–we will come to you! We pay cash for cars on the spot the same day, whether you come into the store or we come to you. We can tow your inoperable car, truck, boat, or trailer away, no matter the condition, with our own tow truck. The towing is free to you, so do not worry about having to shell out cash just to get rid of that old car—our same day cash still applies to tow jobs and we are more than happy to take away your unwanted car. Whether your ride is wrecked, not running, dinged, has parts missing, is water damaged, burned out, or is only slightly used, we take it all; even the largest of RVs and boats.

We Buy

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorclycles

If you have another type of vehicle you are looking to get rid of, call us and we will let you know if we can take it off your hands for you.
Also, don’t sweat not being able to find the lost title for that old car or boat—it’s no problem!

As an automobile yard, we at Horn’s Auto recycle automobiles of all types which is good for the environment and for the community. No more junk cars laying around town, abandoned; no more hanging onto cars that don’t run and are sitting in a driveway or garage taking up space; and no more money wasted in a car you don’t use or need any longer! Our recycling of parts is beneficial and we pay you for it.

Horn’s Auto is a family operated and owned automobile yard that has served the San Diego area proudly since 2003.

One of Horn’s Auto’s owners has also proudly served—as a distinguished veteran of the military. We understand the ever-changing needs of military personnel (active, non-active, and the disabled) due to moving house, deployments, and the different changes in automobile needs. Our professionals have the experience to answer any questions you may have via email, phone call, or in person. Our staff of eleven takes care of all the paperwork, towing (if needed), and cash transactions.
If you are like many guys, you will hang onto an old car or motorcycle, thinking you will have time to fix it up, but as time passes and responsibilities pile up, that project is never completed. If you realize you are not going to finish your fixer-upper project, don’t let it sit at your home and end up being chewed up or invaded by vermin. Open up some space in your garage or driveway and put some money in your pocket.Trade in that old car or motorcycle, or that trailer you never use, and make some money for an upgrade, to put some money into your kids college fund, to buy your teen a car, or even pay the bills.

If you are still unsure if you want to get cash for your car, you can go online to www.HornsAuto.com and get a fast and free quote on the vehicle you are considering selling. This will give you a good idea of what price you can expect to be offered by Horn’s Auto. But consider this: trying to sell an old car for cash to the public yourself, especially one that doesn’t run or is in bad shape, is a difficult and long process. As you wait to sell that car or truck, there is often haggling over price; people calling at all hours (if you’re lucky) asking about the car, but not giving serious offers; meeting with a ton of people, and often wasting your time; and the cost of taking advertisements out in papers, on signs, or online.

Why go through all of that work when you could have had your car gone and cash in your hand. Don’t park your car somewhere with a sign on it and wait for someone to buy it—take it to Horn’s Auto (or call us) for same day cash! It’s the logical thing to do.
There is no guess work with us at Horn’s Auto: you will know up front how much money we will offer you for your automobile, so there is no stressful haggling. This is excellent for those who aren’t comfortable with negotiation or those who fear they will be ripped off by potential buyers. We are professionals that offer the better alternative to advertising and selling in person and online.
If you would like to know more about this easy process, or information on how we recycle cars here at Horn’s Auto, you can view our website (found below) and read more about it, and you can visit our Facebook page. Check out the contact information below—we look forward to hearing from you!

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