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It happens to everybody: you have a car or motorcycle project that you lose interest in, don’t have the money to continue, or you need to sell it to make some cash for a purchase. If you have bought an old car and are restoring it, or building a chopper in your garage, you likely do not have a title to go with it–this is common–and for our company, this is no problem.

If you are wondering, “Can I sell my car if I lost the title?” or “Can you sell your car without the title?” the answer to both of these are yes. If you have lost the title, it costs money to get it replaced, and if you simply do not have a title to go with your automobile, that can be costly as well.

Luckily, we are here to help! As an automobile yard with the best professionals and experts, we commonly buy autos in different conditions, that often do not have titles. It would be difficult to sell your car to someone in public without a title–more likely, impossible, unless they bought your automobile to part out–and they would negotiate you down to a number that was not worth it at all.

This is why you should come to the professionals, who will give you a fair price and take your car in any condition and whether or not you have a title in hand. We will be able to tell you upfront how much cash we can give you for your automobile, so there is no haggling with strangers, no negotiating out of desperation, and no getting taken advantage of.

So, get that junk car out of your driveway or garage if you are not able to continue fixing it up. It does no good sitting there taking up space and costing you more money than it is worth. Whether you need the money for an emergency or simply want to get rid of it and make some cash, bring your car into our location for a quick transaction and fair deal–no title, no problem. If you cannot bring your car to us due it being wrecked, junked, or inoperable, we will simply come to you.

Visit our website or call today and turn that lump of coal into cash into your pocket.